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You have found the site of award-winning picture book author Cece Meng. Welcome! I have great news to share. My fifth picture book published by Philomel Books will be released February 16, 2016. My new book is about legacy. It was difficult writing about the death of a loved one, but this is a topic that is important to people of all ages, especially young children. So, I decided to be brave and tackle death head on. My goal was to make the story both comforting and beautiful. How can death be beautiful? By honoring life. Because death is not really about being gone, but is about what each life leaves behind. We all leave an imprint on this earth in the lessons we have taught and in the lives we have touched. I hope this book touches you and your child, giving you comfort and helping you talk about the beautiful memories you have of your loved ones.

This book is dedicated to my dad.


My other books, surprisingly, are all funny picture books. I've written Tough Chicks, I Will Not Read This Book, The Wonderful Thing About Hiccups, and Bedtime is Canceled. I usually write humor. I'm a super funny girl. At least that's what I think, and I remind my children of it every day.